Hi team Business Markers!

My name is Filip

After conversations with Christophe, Erwin & Gerdy, I am excited to actively explore how we can strengthen each other. So I am happy to introduce myself.

What drives me

See the change

Customers & employees need to feel, see and be the change for anything to be tangible. I need to be able to see the change to be happy.


Marketing for me always has been about people. Be it customers, employees or a team.

Strategy & execution in a single heartbeat.

I love to think out new plans and help teams & companies create a clear focus and make choices. But I hate Powerpoints. I need actionable items for teams.

Go for it.

When in doubt: Do. Measure. Adapt. Repeat.


The ‘job titles and projects’ are what they are, but give you a first idea.

For enthusiasts: check out LinkedIn.

Full stack marketing


Strategy & Execution

Project management


Digital tooling

What can I mean for you?

Some past realisations to give you a gist.

Innovation & Marketing


Context: Energy supply is actually limited to a financial product.



  • – Customer driven innovation plan with a range of new products and services.
  • – Full development of new product and services including own development, with partners and M&A.
  • – Go-to-market.

Strategy implementation


Context: the long-term ambition levels have been agreed with the parent company. And now?


Result: In workshops with the management teams of all divisions (incl. support), the translation was first made into a 1-pager with objectives & targets on an annual basis. This was then further translated into project charters for the must win projects.

We continued working with the management team to provide them with a process to follow up and to coach them in this.


Internation scale-up

Context: Sales teams in different countries starting up, e-commerce only available for B2C (in one country).

Result: Hands-on architecture, based on existing SaaS software. Pilot with integration with accounting processes.

Customer Experience


Context: Very proces oriented organisation with focus on internal efficiency. People in the organisation where talking about ‘customers’, but without a vision, strategy and processes behind it to back it up towards customers.



  • – Clear and mutual agreed view on what we define as customer experience and what this means for the organisation. 
  • – 3-year finish line defined with management team.
  • – Drill down into yearly objectives & targets.
  • – List of must win defined with the teams.
  • – Training & coaching of the new project managers for the must-win projects. (no real project management culture).

Employer branding


Context: Company after a large merger, with a layer of middle management ‘in excess’ combined with more than 200 open vacancies (of which a large part blue-collar).



  • – Clear brand based on the culture and values of both ‘merged’ companies. Bottom-up defined in workshops with more than 100 people.
  • – Defined employer value proposition that sets aside the company from the competition (which are not utilities players).
  • – Lots of adaptation on the recruitment on onboarding proces to create a better candidate experience.
  • – Team & management dashboard.

a lot more...

Want to know more?

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