We are a group of loosely connected people who love creating a big pies! We believe in creating value, not by shifting who get’s what part of the existing pie (you know them, the girls & guys who work on costs, processes, communication strategy, lean, procurement, …). We believe in creating a bigger cake, by innovating on processes so they generate more value, by introducing new products or by simply working in another (digital?) way.

We are convinced that we can create that value for your company not after bringing in an army of consultants for months in a row, but in challenging you and your people, bringing in outside ideas and give you the tools and insights to bring them to live, starting one idea, one pilot, one solution at at time. Thus creating a new opportunity to ship something to your customers, learn from it and then bring the next value generation idea to life.

And that’s what’s JOINED! is all about: creating a bigger pie, in a sustainable way, with you and your team!

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