Digital Team Mindset

Digital team mindset

Digital is the new normal. So they say. (Check out Peter Hinssen). But ‘digital’ does not start from your customers. It’s a mindset that comes from within your company. With JOINED!, we scan how your team things & uses digital in their day to day work. You’ve got an Communication Agency to develop your social media strategy, but Digital is not a campaign, it’s a way of thinking, integrating it in your every thought. It’s how you get your information, how you collaborate, how you process customers,… JOINED! Kicks in to help you to develop your digital DNA.

Efficiency in the digital era.

You still have an inbox that is distracting you from doing real work, have a hard time following up on your sales funnel, managing different projects (with remote teams?) and spend more time in Visio than in shipping a product?

JOINED! can kickstart you with workflows & tools that help you and your team make digital work for you.

Have a sneak peak:

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