Got that inspiration and eager to create something tangible. We help your teams to move beyond the Powerpoint and into the real world. We use various techniques according to your needs.

  • Hackathon: Relentlessly pushing for a Minimum Awesome Product (yes, that’s our version of the Minimum Viable Product). One week, one team, one focus, one tangible product. This can be a demo-able version of a software, but also a running CRM for your team that suffers from a lack of real CRM because the big company uses something sales cannot use.
  • Human Centered Design: Immerse your team in how users really use your products and make it really answer their needs.
  • The Bunker (The JOINED!) version. A strategic challenge your leadership team cannot seem to tackle (priority issues, silo thinking,…). We get them locked up (most of the time, a mental lock-up is enough) and don’t let them out before they got to a customer centric choice.